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The Most Painful Fasting Experience Ever, from a Keto and Fasting Expert

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The Body's Endurance Chapters, directed by Mike Buffo
Thomas DeLauer, Keto and Fasting Expert on YouTube with 3million subscribers, set out on a challenge that would push his body farther than he's ever gone before... a Ruck challenge, while fasting! The common Ruck challenge consists of going for a long walk while carrying weight, typically in the form of a backpack. So, Thomas, gym owner, Ben Alderman, Dave Castro of Crossfit fame, and former Navy seal, Carter Gaffney, all set off to do this 35 mile walk with packs weighing 35 pounds. BUT... without food.

This challenge is difficult enough as it is. Now imagine it without fuel!

These men wanted to prove that it can be done, and that's exactly what they did... but not without some pain.

They fasted for 24 hours, then strapped 35lbs on their backs and set out to see how quickly they could complete 35 miles on foot. They chose the beautiful Monterey Recreation Trail for this epic journey and we captured some amazing footage as we chronicled their bodies' decent in what I'm calling The Body's Endurance Chapters.

I had the pleasure of being commissioned by Thomas to direct this video shoot while capturing aerial photography along the central coast. Audio was captured by House of 8 Media's long-time collaborator, William Cardoza, who also took still photography (on film). (see banner image and YouTube Video Thumbnail)

At the time of this writing, the video already has 49,000 views and 2,000 Likes!
The Process and Resources
The body goes through different stages when enduring an event like this while fasting:

1) Burning through initial glycogen stores
2) Starting to run out of glycogen, and partial gluconeogenesis
3) Ketone Formation
4) Ketones at their highest along side very low insulin
5) Protein and fat Breakdown and (unfortunately) tissue breakdown at the end

Throughout the entire event, the men consumed 8,000mg of sodium, only by way of LMNT Electrolyte packets that you add to water, so that they could maintain fluid balance and muscular endurance.

You can grab a free sample pack of LMNT here - Free Sample Pack with Purchase

The body is capable of some extreme challenges. Thomas and company are on an Olympic level here...all for the sake of YouTube. Please enjoy the film, Like, and Subscribe to support Thomas on his journey to teach us all what we're capable of.

This is a story I'm very proud to share. Thank you for watching.

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