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We produce professionally crafted educational videos to convey complex information faster and more precisely than any other medium. Our professional training videos improve knowledge retention, prevent costly manufacturing errors and increase production efficiency.

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[Reel] Cepheid Video Training Series by The eDirector

We Convey Complex Information with Ease 

Our professional training videos improve knowledge retention, prevent costly manufacturing errors and increase production efficiency.

Professionally produced educational videos convey complex information faster and more precisely than any other medium.


Poorly produced videos fail to convey critical information in an effective manner which can harm your business.

Costly errors result in rework and wasted materials.
Without proper training, employees cannot perform at a high level.
Avoid putting your employees at risk due to poor training.


With over two decades of video production and education experience across our team, we help corporations create advanced video production workflows and online learning solutions that yield big impacts. See some of our work samples below:

Who: Cepheid, a medical device company specializing in infectious disease testing. 

What: We created 6 professional training courses designed to prevent manufacturing errors and increase production efficiency.

How:  We worked with staff to translate their SOPs into plain English for professional actors to deliver straight to camera. We captured iconic macro and micro footage by devising special camera technology.

Instructional Video Producer

Who: Erin Conway, social media expert and owner of the Kismet House Method, a personal interior design method for every home on any budget.

What: We helped Erin Conway get closer to her financial freedom goal through residual income from digital information products. 

How: We worked with The Kismet House Team to produce two courses that Erin sold directly to her followers. Erin recouped 100% of her production budget investment during the presale for Course 1. All additional revenue generated  after that was  pure profit. 


Video is a powerful tool that can be used to:

– Quickly and easily document complex products, processes and procedures.

– Demonstrate how products are used.

– Quickly and effectively train employees.

– Build brand awareness, attract new customers and share customer stories.

– Improve communication and collaboration among team members.


We specialize in helping corporations and medical device manufacturers translate complex ideas into simple, easy to follow educational videos that are custom made for their intended audience. We also work with entrepreneurs to help build their brand, improve visibility and scale their business.

We are pioneers of “SOP into HD” curriculum development, special computerized camera rigs, and a soup-to-nuts, in-house signature post-production process.

We provide all of our clients with high creative standards, emerging technological innovations, and unmatched signature workflow collaboration solutions.

Our 5 Step Process

1. Project Definition

→ Course Goals

→ Target Audience

→ Course Timeline

→ Technical Specs

→ Develop Curriculum

→ Develop Promo Content

2. Creative Development

→ Course Trailer Scripts

→ Unit Script Content

→ Storyboarding

→ Graphic Design

3. Production

→ Location Logistics

→ Gear Prep

→ Video Recording

→ Video Editing

→ Video Review 1, 2, 3

→ Video Compression

4. Programming

→ Course Web Design

→ Course Printables Design

→ Beta Testing

→ Quality Control

→ Social Platform Integration

5. Distribution

→ Video Upload

→ PDF Upload

→ Promo Distribution

→ Content Calendar Plan

→ Course Operation

What’s Possible With Video

Simplify complex concepts using relevant and engaging visuals

Profoundly accelerate the learning process 

Retain information for longer periods of time

Make the learning process more engaging, fun and memorable

Create an emotional connection with the viewer


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Mike is a passionate alternative-education pioneer who believes that the best teaching finds the right balance between the theoretical and the practical.

His business, House of 8 Media, has been the video production company of choice for countless live events on the Monterey peninsula for over 10 years.

Mike is a former professional athlete, actor, healer, proud father of three boys, and content-creator coach with his other company, The eDirector.

He dreams of one day running a local theater at an educational institution to combine live event streaming, digital performance education, and community events.

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