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Monterey Bay Lost Gear Recovery Program

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Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust: Lost Gear Recovery Program

House of 8 Media proudly presents the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust and partners to discuss the Lost Gear Recovery Program. This program is part of a broader statewide effort run by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to keep our ocean clear of lost crab gear, commonly occurring during the stormy winter months when crab pots can be moved from their set location at sea.

The Fisheries Trust’s mission is to advance the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of Monterey Bay fisheries. This program reflects that mission by helping to remove the lost gear that may cause a navigation hazard for boats and entanglement risk for sea life. Their work provides a vital service for our community as a whole. 


Each year, just after the Dungeness crab season ends, the Trust works with local fishermen to search Monterey Bay for lost or abandoned gear floating in the water. In the 2022 season, the Lost Gear Recovery Program removed over 600 traps from our ocean statewide.


The fishermen participating in the Lost Gear Recovery Program support our coastal economy, help preserve fishing heritage, and provide access to healthy, local, sustainably caught seafood. Collaborative efforts like this program help balance a healthy ocean ecosystem and a thriving seafood economy.  This program would not exist without the willingness of commercial fishermen to retrieve Dungeness crab gear lost at sea, volunteering their time and resources to protect our wildlife and ecosystem. To support our fishing fleet is simple – shop and eat local when possible!

Learn more about the efforts of the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust and its programs. Take a look at the video our team put together for the Lost Gear Recovery Program below, and please support Monterey Bay fisheries by choosing local! Take a look at the video that our team put together for the Lost Gear Recovery Program below and see how you can be a part of the change!


How can you help?

Head over to to connect with local fishermen and find nearby markets for fresh, locally sourced fish!


Remember: It is illegal to touch gear that does not belong to you! Report any spotting of errant gear to the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust, or you can report any findings to CALTIP at (888) 334-2258 or email


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Sustainability in Monterey County; Clearing our seas of lost traps and fishing gear.
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