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How to Energize Your Audience
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NAMC's "Energize Your Audience"

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“How To Energize Your Audience Through Social Media”

Attract, Engage and Inspire People Who Share Your Values 


House of 8 Media is proud to present the Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County’s virtual webinar: How to Energize Your Audience – giving us tips and tricks for utilizing different social media platforms or simply trying to improve audience engagement.



Ken Peterson Ken Peterson — Senior Content Strategist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Develops messaging and strategies that support the aquarium’s mission to inspire the conservation of the ocean. 


Emily Simpson — Content Strategist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Develops and directs creative concepts, integrating new technologies and platforms to engage the Aquarium’s audiences. 


Ken and Emily will help you and your team make the most of the rapidly changing social media environment, going in-depth on how to energize an audience and maintain engagement throughout.

With the world moving digitally, it has never been more important to become active in social media and learn how to gain traction and engagement from your following. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this webinar and we hope to see you at a future NAMC event. Check out our schedule here:

After you watch, you may be inspired to get out there and start posting. At the end of the webinar, Mike Buffo offers a resource to all NAMC members and guests to help you scale your social media presence. Here is the contact form to join the brand new, Monterey-Peninsula content-creator community, The eDirectors’ Forum. Click here!



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Paulette Lynch, Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County

Ken Peterson; Senior Content Strategist at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Emily Simpson; Content Strategist at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Mike Buffo, Producer, House of 8 Media

Top trends, hot tips, and new strategies to attract engage, and inspire the people who share your values.