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If you’re in need of professional videography services on the Monterey Peninsula area,

you’ve come to the right place.

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"The Lens of the New Peninsula"

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Producers Demo Reel
Looking for a talented and affordable videographer to shoot your next video? Not interested in overpaying someone from out of town to do a local job? We’re professional and trusted filmmakers who work and live on the Monterey Peninsula. We offer videography services for all occasions, from footage-only productions to full service productions for commercials, live events, or instructional video.


Other companies may claim to offer “video production” or “live streaming,” but it’s not their primary focus.

Hiring an A/V company to do your videography could lead to disastrous results, such as:

→ Under qualified camera operators

→ Outdated equipment

→ Static cameras that don’t follow the action

→ Improper lenses that can’t achieve close-ups

→ Subpar video editing that wastes hours of your precious time due to endless revisions

→ A recording you’re not proud to share

You can prevent all of this by choosing House of 8 Media.

A passion for video, a commitment to this community.


Our highly-trained professional videographers will capture your footage with the highest attention to detail. We handle all the technicalities from designing the production to assisting with distribution. 

We have years of experience filming in every venue on the peninsula so you can have confidence we're the most efficient choice for the job at hand.  We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding white glove experience for our clients.

1. How much does this cost?

Our published day rates for typical video-footage-only productions are posted below. For package rates for typical video productions, visit these other pages:

Live Event Video

Commercial Video

Instructional Video

2. Can you livestream my event?

Live streaming is our specialty! Not only can we broadcast your event live, we can handle the registration, attendee correspondence, ticket sales, and replay announcement. Head over to our Live Event Video page to watch our video on how hybrid events are done.


3. How long have you been doing this?

We started House of 8 Media in 2013 with three services: commercials (for real estate), video production education (for teens), and live event video production (for live theatre). We are blessed to have broadened our focus to operate out of an office in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea and to still be in business showing love for our clients by making them videos. 

4. How do you deliver the footage?

For one-time clients such as being hired to produce an interview with a local subject matter expert, we use Dropbox Business to deliver time-sensitive (transcoded) footage. For the raw media, we ship a hard drive overnight through USPS. For regular clients, we maintain your footage library for ongoing editing and long-term archiving. 

5. Do you travel?

We are niche producers in video production of all kinds with a commitment to the Monterey Peninsula. Although we love to travel, 90% of our work is done right here in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. If you like what you’ve seen and you want us to travel, we’re happy to discuss how to meet your needs - here or anywhere. 


"A" Gimbal-Camera Kit Rental$250 per day
"B" Interview-Camera Kit Rental$150 per day
Interview Lighting Package$150 per day
Full Day (6-10 hrs)$1,350
Half Day (4-5 hrs)$900
Quarter Day (2-3 hrs)$500
Over-Time (11th-13th hrs)$217/hr
Audio Kit Rental$150 per day
Licensing Fee for Aerial Photography$250/flight
Development Meetings$120/hr


  • Customer Testimonials
  • Live Event Video
  • Documentaries
  • Company Meetings
  • Remote Recordings
  • Real Estate
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Virtual Events
  • Corporate Interviews
  • Commercials
  • Instructional Videos
  • BioTech Videos



Mike Buffo portrait

Mike Buffo has been producing video content as a DP/Producer/Director/Editor on the Monterey Peninsula full-time since 2014; shooting short-form commercials, long-form documentaries, docu-reality series, multi-camera live event productions, projects on a budget, and cultural events with thousands of live views streaming through his lens.

Mike strives to live up to his nickname, "Lens of The New Peninsula," for his commitment to this community and passion for preserving our region's arts, culture, and entertainment.

Mike consistently shows up with as much generosity as the client can handle with multiple camera systems to choose from, providing unexpected monitoring solutions, and delivering much more than originally ordered.

  • Full-time Cinema Camera Operator/Producer since 2012.
  • Owner/Operator of camera systems capable of filming up to 1080 120fps, 6K 50fps RAW, and 5.7K 180 Stereoscopic (3D).
  • Owner/Operator of HDMI wireless camera monitoring and multi-camera live video switching at 1080p 30fps.
  • Owner/Operator of a UAV drone capable of achieving up to 5k 50fps or 4k 120fps.
  • Owner/Operator SUAV drone pilot who obeys all FAA Fly-Safe Restrictions.
  • Owner/Operator of a gyroscopic gimbal, shoulder-rig, and motion-controlled slider.
  • Owner/Operator of complete audio kit including field mixer, boom, and 4 wireless LAV mics.
  • Owner/Operator of a mobile, multimedia cart for on-location live-streaming, DIT, or Video Village Solutions.
  • Maintains a professional etiquette on site with emotional equilibrium and professional dress.
  • Demonstrated crew supervision up to 50 people on multiple feature length projects.
  • Maintains a peaceful, enjoyable workplace even under the most time-restrictive of circumstances.
  • Certified Body/Mind Counselor and Energy Healing Therapist
  • BA in Drama from San Francisco State University
  • Former professional Athlete for Heeling Sports, LTD.
  • 20+ Years of Training/Experience/Teaching in Acting for Classical Theater and Motion Pictures