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The One-Man TV Station

Category : Inventions

As we step out into a post-pandemic world, event organizers are still uncertain if we can attend events entirely in-person or if we have to go back to virtual attendance. We have to be prepared for anything – ideally prepared for both. Unfortunately, video production can be expensive. Traditionally it costs thousands of dollars to..

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[Invention] Instructions for Buffo Tabletop Adapter

Category : Inventions

[Instructions] Buffo Tabletop Adapter from HOUSE OF 8 MEDIA on Vimeo. December, 2020 Greetings lucky one! You have an EXCLUSIVE, hand-made camera rig; etched with your name and numbered for authenticity! To get your new cell-phone camera rig up and running, please follow these steps:  1. Insert your phone into your new gift.  2. Play..

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About Your Producer

Mike Buffo

Mike is an alternative-education pioneer, visual & performing arts curriculum-author, successful motion picture producer with 10+ years in arts, entertainment, and education, is a mission-driven member of the Mankind Project, Rotary International, and a vital Carmel community contributor. Proud husband to Brittney Buffo and father of three boys.