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(Virtual) Michel Wedding

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The wedding of Karly Maurer and Dune Michel - now Mr. & Mrs. Michel.
Filmed on a warm California day in the rear of their home (in the ceremoniously transformed old chicken coop in the redwoods), Karly and Dune got married!
With flowers picked from the hillside, meat from the animals raised here, and all hands on deck, all the families on this special piece of land came together to co-create a meaningful ceremony for the newest members of our Family We Choose. We were moved and delighted to stand in for Karly and Dune’s wide spread community by reading out loud their poems, well wishes and support.
Blessed be the ones who commit themselves to love. No matter what the shape of the ceremony, the act is just as true.
In these COVID-affected times, may we all have Karly & Dune’s courage to celebrate and affirm life, resilience and joy.
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    (Virtual) Michel Wedding