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The Kismet House Method

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Erin Conway knows that true financial freedom for her brand is residual income from digital information products. We worked with The Kismet House team to produce two courses for her that she sold directly to her followers. She went to market with course 1, An Every Home Design Guide, on March 18, 2019 and course 2, Under The Influence, went live on February 18th, 2020. Erin was able to recoup 100% of her production budget investment during the presale window of Course 1. The revenue from enrollment after that and for the entirety of Course 2 was all profit.
“On the first day of filming I think I told Mike I couldn’t do this without you like 12 times. He made me feel really confident. In post production, he worked tirelessly until everything was exactly the way I wanted it: every music cue, graphic, font - everything. He did not stop until I thought it was perfect.” - Erin Conway, Kismet House
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