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Carmel, CA

Peace in the Limelight

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Project Details
2020 Carmel, California; a group of Rotarian artists travel to a small elementary school in Turkey to tell a revolutionary story of peace, creativity and humanity. Their commitment to ‘Healing Through Art’ breaks barriers between the Syrian refugee and Turkish cultures that divide an elementary school. Through this intimate portrait “Peace in the Limelight” discovers the resilience of children to remind all of us what we have in common as humans.
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Message About the Project
❖ The land (earth, sky, water, air) is vital to the health of a child.
❖ Lineage: artists inspiring new artists.
❖ Art for Healing- the process of creating is a human right.
❖ Staying true to one-self/honoring expression/non-conformity/challenging the status quo.
❖ Reverence of the artistic process (needing balance of instruction and practice).
❖ Experimental art is honored and celebrated.
❖ Education is - and always will be - a cornerstone of an enlightened culture.
  • Documentary : Peace in the Limelight