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NURTURING CREATIVITY: Cultivating CreativeMornings Monterey Peninsula

Discover the vibrant heart of the Monterey Peninsula’s creative community with the CreativeMornings Monterey chapter, a project brought to life by the visionary Danny Bernstein and in which I have the honor of assisting as a co-host. Our chapter is a testament to the power of creativity, bringing together an eclectic mix of thinkers, dreamers, and doers at WaveStreet Studios in historic Monterey, California.

Danny approached me with a concept to create an application video for the chapter, featuring a compilation of my footage from the past six years to visually narrate a script we developed together (see video #1 above). While I initially appeared on camera for the application video, my role naturally evolved, and for our events, I assume the role of technical director behind the camera. As Danny’s co-host, I focus on the technical orchestration of our gatherings, a responsibility that comes naturally to me. It allows me to support his vision and contribute to our shared mission of igniting creative sparks within our community.

Each one of our free talks is a celebration of creativity and community that begin with networking over free coffee followed by a performance of some kind and then the keynote presentation. Each talk ends with the Community Spotlights in which audience members are invited to make announcements about upcoming events. Each announcement is filmed, edited, and released online to amplify our community’s events.

Generously hosted by Rhett and Judy Smith, Wave Street Studios has become our sanctuary for creativity, where each event is infused with the artistic spirit and energy of the Monterey Peninsula. Occasionally, we embark on “field trips” to host events in new and inspiring locations, like our December 15, 2023, gathering at Wendi Kirby Music, the newest music venue on the Monterey Peninsula. A heartfelt thank you to Wendi for opening up her beautiful space to us, adding a fresh and exciting dimension to our creative community.

Above, in the carousel gallery, you’ll find links to each of our talks, accompanied by behind-the-scenes videos that capture the essence of our gatherings. From insightful discussions to the shared laughter of new and old friends, these moments are a window into the soul of our CreativeMornings chapter.

As a Carmel, CA-based videographer and a passionate advocate for community and creativity, being part of this journey has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s about more than just hosting events; it’s about building a platform where creativity is celebrated, everyone has the opportunity to share and grow, and mornings are transformed into a symphony of ideas and inspiration.

We warmly invite you to explore the content from our talks and get a taste of the CreativeMornings experience. Whether you’re a local looking to engage with like-minded individuals or a visitor seeking a burst of creative energy, our doors are open. Join us in celebrating the power of creativity, the beauty of our community, and the incredible talent that the Monterey Peninsula has to offer. Attend our next talk by RSVP’ing at our chapter site.

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For inquiries about live event video streaming or recording, please feel free to contact me. Together, let’s continue to make each morning a little brighter, fueled by creativity and connection.



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