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The Best Choice for Instructional Video Production

Category : Instructional Video

We are specialists in eLearning production and delivery.

We help corporations improve internal communication, connection, and processes through sequenced educational video content that is tailor-made for their intended audience. We have worked with corporations large and small to develop, capture, and deliver video courses that are on-point, on-brand and make a difference. Ask us about our Singularity Workflow.

We co-create a more enlightened culture by empowering the genius in everyone.

We are the best choice for producers of educational content because education is in our blood. We have created lesson plans for public schools, curriculum for districts, eLearning scripts for influencers, and have translated technical SOPs into training courses for large billion-dollar corporations. Our team is trained, certified, and award winning with roots in the seminar industry. With a combined 75 years experience in eLearning, we can work with you to co-create the best sequence of lessons that when implemented by your students, will get them the results you promise. Whether this is your first time producing an eLearning course or your 100th time producing an employee new-hire series, there’s only one house you can trust, the House of 8.

If we didn’t have videos like this, we could have a lot of operator errors. The machine is automated but it’s operator-dependent. The process of inserting chemical tubes into matching ports is prone to mistakes. Different beads going into the wrong tube, one lot gone wrong could result in the loss of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if the error isn’t caught. A game of telephone from shift supervisor from engineer to operator can’t necessarily be accurate when we rely only on the work instruction SOP. -Felix Lam, Process Engineering Manager

About Your Producer

Mike Buffo

Mike is an alternative-education pioneer, visual & performing arts curriculum-author, successful motion picture producer with 10+ years in arts, entertainment, and education, is a mission-driven member of the Mankind Project, Rotary International, and a vital Carmel community contributor. Proud husband to Brittney Buffo and father of three boys.