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How to Generate Great Footage Every Time

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How to Generate Great Footage Every Time
We all know how distracting poor video quality can be during a meeting or presentation. In the digital age, there’s little room for excuses for producing substandard video.
In my instructional series on Instagram, “TIPS FROM A VIRTUAL EVENT PRO,” I spoke about video quality. There are a lot of elements to go over. Just too much to go over here. So I put together a guide called How to Generate Great Footage Every Time. I studied with the legendary cinematographer, Bob Elfstrom, and he speaks right through me on this document. It’s the best and simplest lighting tutorial you will find and it’s about a 2-minute read. You’re welcome.

How to Light a Scene

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Mike is an alternative-education pioneer, visual & performing arts curriculum-author, successful motion picture producer with 10+ years in arts, entertainment, and education, is a mission-driven member of the Mankind Project, Rotary International, and a vital Carmel community contributor. Proud husband to Brittney Buffo and father of three boys.