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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth an infinite amount of creative expression. I have been a trusted video producer and teacher for Monterey Peninsula educational institutions since 2010. My wife, Brittney, and myself have been making making films and raising a family as video producers for our LCC, House of 8 Media, since 2014. Our clients rank among the reputable organizations, businesses, and educational institutions in the area. We have built up our gear, have an impressive portfolio of films, and have done some incredible work together. Some of our favorite works have been with been with The Media Center for Arts, Education, and Technology (MCAET), “Bring Back the Del Monte Express,” a documentary on the old Del Monte Express train that connected San Francisco to Monterey, “Didn’t I,” a music video with Maxine Jones of En Vogue, and “Bohemian Soul,” a documentary on the artistic roots of Carmel. Before House of 8 Media, there was HARA Motion Picture Conservatory. From 2010 to 2020, Brittney and I ran this private conservatory to teach teenage actors all elements of digital film production. We had over 200 teenagers hand-picked from the drama departments of every local high-school move through our program; providing each of them with video products they have used to get into college, get jobs, and share for years to come. Our work culminated in our third original feature-length film, WAR OF THE LIMELIGHT. With a cast and crew of 21 amateurs and 5 professionals, we worked in a classroom environment to write and produce a teen drama dealing with cyber-bullying, racial stereotypes, and the Syrian refugee crisis. This was our 12th season taking this approach and by far our most ambitious. Since COVID, I’ve pivoted almost entirely to producing virtual events for my clients. Moreover, I’ve launched an educational resource to teach adults my video and marketing systems, The eDirector.
I have a passion for video and a commitment to this community. As a fourth-generation Monterey Italian, I am devoted to finding my place in my community each day where I can bring all of my gifts to the table to support the talents of my clients.
I want you to know that Mike is smart, kind, conscientious and a team player. He wore many hats in the development phase of a feature film, and was able to adjust quickly and creatively, manage a team. Mike is special in many ways, but one that will serve your job well is his ability to both think outside the box and color inside the lines.
– Deborah Allen, Director
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    Mike Buffo Director Reel