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Cepheid, Biotechnology

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For Cepheid, a medical device company specializing in infectious disease testing, we were contracted to create 6 video training courses to prevent manufacturing errors and increase production efficiency. We worked with staff to translate the SOPs into plain speak for professional actors to deliver straight to camera on our "Interview Production Days." During "Demonstration Production Days," we captured iconic macro and micro footage by devising special camera technology. Through on-set meta entry and a detailed shot list corresponding to each line of the script, our video editing process was swift and accurate thereby maximizing our client's time and resources.
“If we didn’t have videos like this, we could have a lot of operator errors. The machine is automated but it’s operator-dependent. The process of inserting chemical tubes into matching ports is prone to mistakes. Different beads going into the wrong tube, one lot gone wrong could result in the loss of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if the error isn’t caught. A game of telephone from shift supervisor from engineer to operator can’t necessarily be accurate when we rely only on the work instruction SOP.”
– Felix Lam, Process Engineering Manager
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