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The One-Man TV Station

Category : Inventions

As we step out into a post-pandemic world, event organizers are still uncertain if we can attend events entirely in-person or if we have to go back to virtual attendance. We have to be prepared for anything – ideally prepared for both. Unfortunately, video production can be expensive. Traditionally it costs thousands of dollars to..

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Adding a Remote Attendance Option

Category : How To

How to Add a Remote-Attendance Option to Your Events   One thing we’ve learned during Covid is how easy it is to attend events from the comfort of our own home – as an attendee OR as a presenter. On the other side of this pandemic, your audience and presenters may still want a remote..

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How to Produce a Virtual Event

Category : How To

How to Produce a Live Virtual Event As Covid-19 begins to subside, you may be wondering what’s next for your business model. With the wide availability of vaccines, your audience may feel comfortable attending in-person events, but others may still appreciate the convenience and safety of virtual events. Rather than do away with everything we’ve..

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How to Generate Great Footage Every Time

Category : How To

We all know how distracting poor video quality can be during a meeting or presentation. In the digital age, there’s little room for excuses for producing substandard video. In my instructional series on Instagram, “TIPS FROM A VIRTUAL EVENT PRO,” I spoke about video quality. There are a lot of elements to go over. Just..

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What’s Next: Hybrid Events

Category : How To

What’s Next: Hybrid Events As COVID-19 vaccines roll out in the United States and across the world, what does this  mean for the business of hosting events? Where are our events headed? This digital age is accelerating our power as a society to work and create virtually, and with it, we predict hybrid events will..

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Your Virtual Event- Should You Go Live or Pre-Record it?

Category : How To

When to Go Live or When to Pre-Record it What will provide the best experience for your event’s attendees?   Dear Collaborators, Business Leaders, and Those Who Bring Us Together Online, In a conversation with a client last week about how to do a big, high stakes annual awards ceremony, she said “Let’s just pre-record..

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[Invention] Instructions for Buffo Tabletop Adapter

Category : Inventions

[Instructions] Buffo Tabletop Adapter from HOUSE OF 8 MEDIA on Vimeo. December, 2020 Greetings lucky one! You have an EXCLUSIVE, hand-made camera rig; etched with your name and numbered for authenticity! To get your new cell-phone camera rig up and running, please follow these steps:  1. Insert your phone into your new gift.  2. Play..

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The Best Choice for Instructional Video Production

Category : Instructional Video

We are specialists in eLearning production and delivery. We help corporations improve internal communication, connection, and processes through sequenced educational video content that is tailor-made for their intended audience. We have worked with corporations large and small to develop, capture, and deliver video courses that are on-point, on-brand and make a difference. Ask us about..

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Mike Buffo

Mike is an alternative-education pioneer, visual & performing arts curriculum-author, successful motion picture producer with 10+ years in arts, entertainment, and education, is a mission-driven member of the Mankind Project, Rotary International, and a vital Carmel community contributor. Proud husband to Brittney Buffo and father of three boys.