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Flanders Mansion

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Many City Council members, neighbors, and concerned Carmel citizens have been hoping that a community benefit use for this property will one day come. However, no proposal have yet to meet those financial and community needs. Finally, here before you is a proposal that solves all the issues plaguing this property all these years.
A coalition of local citizens have come to rally behind a brilliant solution.
A new Flanders coalition has identified an ideal family who has presented a wonderful formula for all stakeholders and have imagined a use which meets all the criteria: A home occupation for the community which produces local movies for us all! A historic opportunity to preserve a landmark estate in the center of town.
A committed Curator candidate, who has rallied his community behind his bold, no-footprint digital vision.
Endless benefits to our residents, local non-profits, and our town's artistic legacy.
We seek partners to our coalition.
To inquire about how to get involved in this project, please call Mike Buffo directly at 831.204.8526
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    Flanders Mansion